in reply to RFC Using PERL HEREDOC script within bash

“Clever” though it might seem to you, if I were your manager or team-lead and I saw nonsense (ahem ...) like this in any source-repository that I was responsible for, “I’d kick your a*s right down the river and order you to rewrite it immediately.”   And, believe me, I’d circle back to see that it had actually been done, and that nothing of this sort ever showed-up again.

“Not on my watch, you don’t!!”

Just sayin’ ...

If you want to do stuff like that, use Perl.   There’s zero reason to use Bash Scripting, which was never intended to be a real scripting-language anyway, in order to invoke something that is, and to do it in a nonsensical way.   Use Perl, and put #/usr/bin/perl right there on the “shebang” line.