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..The module Email::Outlook::Message can be used if I am trying to read mail in the outlook. But the mails will be saved in a folder..
Email::Outlook::Message, also parse mail when you are not reading from your Outlook mail directly. i.e with your mails saved in a folder on your local drive.

#!/usr/bin/perl -Wl use strict; use Email::Outlook::Message; for my $filename ( glob("$ARGV[0]*") ) { ## tell the filename reading print 'Filename: ', $filename; my $msg = new Email::Outlook::Message $filename; my $mime = $msg->to_email_mime; print $mime->as_string; }
NOTE: I didn't link the Email::Outlook::Message, I only outlined it here. Others in this thread had it linked already.
And of course, your folder which contain these msg files must be the given from the CLI.

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