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Hi all,

I've been trying to use AnyEvent::RabbitMQ to connect to a local RabbitMQ server to little success. From what I can tell, calling connect never returns--the connect_cb of AnyEvent::Socket::tcp_connect in AnyEvent::RabbitMQ never gets called.

In the RabbitMQ log, I can see that it begins accepting a connection but eventually just times out on the handshake:

=INFO REPORT==== 7-Oct-2014::20:56:52 === accepting AMQP connection <0.472.0> ( -> +) =ERROR REPORT==== 7-Oct-2014::20:57:02 === closing AMQP connection <0.472.0> ( -> {handshake_timeout,handshake}

Anybody have any clue what might be happening?