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I am trying to issue this command via perl, and capture the std error:
my $file = "/mnt/adtest/qa1/file1"; my $writeline = "# $test->{currentuser} wrote timestamp " . time() +; my $command = "echo $writeline >> $file"; my $output = `$command 2>&1`;
This is a part of a test where I am looking for an error (specifically "permission denied"). However $output is always empty. When I run from the linux command line I do see the output. I suspect that the stderr output is lost in redirection when run via perl. Anyone know how to get around this?
[root@qanode1-2 latest]# echo "qauser1 wrote timestamp 1414118740-1" > +> /mnt/adtest/qa1/file1 -bash: /mnt/adtest/qa1/file1: Permission denied