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I don't understand why the following script will not run.I feel like I might be violating some basic structure or scope rule of a perl script. The code isas follows:

#!/usr/bin/perl use 5.010; use strict; use warnings; my $year = 2019; my $month = 5; my $day = 19; print "Hello World!\n"; print"\n\t START ing script $0\n"; sub get_date { my ($y, $m, $d) = (9999, 888, 77); return($y, $m, $d); } # end get_date ($year, $month, $day = get_date; print "SA - YEAR: $year, MONTH: $month, DAY: $day\n"; print "\n\t\t END ing script $0\n";

It's a simple script with one sub (stubbed) to return three values. the script calls the sub then prints the returned values.I am getting a Padre syntax error of"syntax error near"get_date;". I'm using the Padre IDE v0.94 with Perl v5.24.1. thanks in advance.

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