in reply to YAML::Tiny can't serialize an object reference. Can I unbless a Moo object into a hashref and yammily serialize that?

this works but it uses a regex and eval
#!/usr/bin/env perl package Deblessify; use strictures 2; use feature 'say'; use Data::Dumper; use YAML::Tiny; use Moo; use MooseX::MungeHas 'is_rw'; # attrs has 'abc'; has 'def'; has 'foo'; has 'bar'; has 'name'; run(); sub run { my $self = __PACKAGE__->new; $self->abc({aaa => 123, bbb => 456,}); $self->def([qw/123 456 789 abc def ghi jkl mno/]); $self->foo('foo bar baz xyzzy'); $self->bar(123.456789); $self->name('testfile'); $self->deblessify; } sub deblessify { my ($self) = @_; my $dumpstr = Dumper($self); say "dumpstr = $dumpstr"; $dumpstr =~ s/^(\$VAR.*? =) bless\(/\$deblessed_obj =/; $dumpstr =~ s/\s*?},\s+'.*?'\s+\);$/};/; say "new str = $dumpstr"; my $deblessed_obj = ''; eval $dumpstr; say "deblessified obj: $deblessed_obj"; my $yaml = YAML::Tiny->new($deblessed_obj); my $filename = $self->name . ".yaml"; $yaml->write($filename); } 1; __END__