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Hello esteemed monks, I am using Text::CSV to parse an array of text strings (pipe delimited) and want to use UTF-8 encoding to read the strings. In the doc at I see this instruction:

On parsing (both for "getline" and "parse"), if the source is marked being UTF8, then all fields that are marked binary will also be marked UTF8.

I have set my 'new' instance to binary, and it mostly works, except some accented characters are showing up in the resulting web page as black diamond question marks, e.g. conexi�n. (Japanese and other language characters look fine.) Is there something else I need to set? If I don't use Text::CSV and just 'split' the strings, those characters look fine, and correct.

my $csv = Text::CSV->new ({ binary => 1, sep_char => "|" }); foreach my $row (@sorted_urls){ $csv->parse($row); # processing }

Thank you.