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Hello, thank you for the test code. Yes I see the same in the browser with your sample code. I've substituted my own string for yours and here's what I see now in the browser:

$VAR1 = "/search/\x{bf}Cuales son las partes de una cadena de conexi\x +{f3}n??scope=SSGU8G_12.1.0|/|0|1| +1|0\n"; UTF-8 flag is on /search/¿Cuales son las partes de una cadena de conexión??scope=SSGU8G +_12.1.0|/|0|1|1|0 After Text::CSV: /search/¿Cuales son las partes de una cadena de conex +ión??scope=SSGU8G_12.1.0 | /

BTW I'm assigning $data by reading a stdout output file that is returned from the db via the tool I'm using for the SQL query.

my($data); open my $fh, "<:encoding(utf8)", $file || die("cannot open $file file\ +n"); while(<$fh>){ if($_ =~ /Cuales/){ $data = $_; print $_; } } close($fh);

I've also tried opening the file without the :encoding and get the same result.

open(R, "$resultsFile") || die("cannot open results file $resultsFile +for reading.\n");

Hope this is helpful.