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\x{bf} or U+00BF is the inverted question mark and U+00F3 is , so AFAICT that looks correct, doesn't it?

Yes it looks correct in my browser.

Ok, so do I understand correctly that you've tested the code you showed within the script I posted?


(BTW, why not use DBI to connect directly to the database instead of going through a file?)

Working on that! The tool I'm currently using doesn't allow it, so I'm running a system command to execute the query. Researching direct DBI access but there are access issues within my org...

So are you still seeing the same problem as before, or is it working now?

Sadly problem still exists, yes. To summarize:

foreach my $row (@sorted_urls){ $csv->parse($row); my @els = $csv->fields; #using Text::CSV my(@splits) = split('\|',$row); #using split on same $row print $q->p($els[0]); #prints wrong print %q->p(splits[0]); #prints right }

Honestly this is not worth wasting a lot of time on, though I really appreciate your help... thank you.