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#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w use Net::IMAP::Simple; use Date::Parse; my $imap_server = ''; printf $imap_server; printf "\n"; if (!($imap_con = new Net::IMAP::Simple($imap_server, find_ssl_default +s=>[]))) { print "The Server is not available. \n"; exit; } my $user = 'USER'; my $password = qq(PW); if (!($imap_con->login($user, $password))) { print "invalid Login: ". $imap_con->errstr ."\n"; exit; } $imap_con->quit(); print "login possible. \n"; exit;

This is the small "Test"-Script I am using to see if I can login. It's basically c&p from how I invoked the methods in the previous script and "errstr" always returns "Command received in invalid state".