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For what it's worth I am actually happy this happened. I think It allows Perl 5 to evolve in its own right, as the original language, and who knows at some point become Perl 6 but based on Perl 5, or perhaps skip to Perl 7 just to make historical point.

In retrospect (as usual it's easier to connect the dots going backwards), believe this should have been the best solution from the start because Perl 6 is really a spin-off and not actually a new version of Perl 5. Perl 6 is not, and has never been, the same language.

Anyway, my point is that this renaming is very positive for BOTH the Perl 5 community and the adoption of Perl 6 in it's new name. For the people that continue to love Perl 5, like myself, we no longer have the pressure to migrate to Perl 6, fearing that Perl 5 would eventually end. For the Perl 6 folks, it allows them to attract new programmers to this great language without having to explain that is actually a NEW language.