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When working with binary files, Perl can easily read just the first 512 bytes of a 5gb iso file. JavaScript cannot do that. It would try to read the entire file first, and there's nothing you can do to go around that. lol
#!/usr/bin/node "use strict"; /* perl -wMstrict -le 'open my $fh, "<:raw", "5gig.iso" or die $!; seek($fh,0x8000,0) or die $!; read($fh,my $buf,512)==512 or die; print unpack("H*",$buf)' */ // const fs = require('fs'); '5gig.iso', 'r', function (err, fd) { if (err) throw err; var buf = Buffer.alloc(512);, buf, 0, buf.length, 0x8000, function (err, bytesRead, buffer) { if (err) throw err; if (bytesRead!=buf.length) throw "not enough bytes read!"; console.log(buffer.toString('hex')); }); } );