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Nice work! I wonder why you opt to parse this format specifically instead of the generic lisp format though.

As for the speed, it's actually rather on-par with Data::SExpression, which uses Parse::Yapp. I commented out the dumping and then:

% time perl archive-contents

real    0m7.449s
user    0m7.036s
sys     0m0.413s

% time perl -MFile::Slurper=read_text -MData::SExpression -E'$ds=Data::SExpression->new; ($sexp, $text) = $ds->read(read_text "archive-contents.2");'
real    0m5.411s
user    0m5.386s
sys     0m0.025s

archive-contents.2 is just the original file with replaced with ( ), and then the problematic @ atom replaced by "@".

Perl regex or Regexp::Grammars will probably be several times faster.