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Of course, there are plenty of forms of intelligence/awareness. The choice of combining the two words "emotional" and "intelligence" is only humorous to me because typically those words don't go together. A person "thinks" with their intelligence and "feels" with their emotions. I understand that in this case the term typically means considering (i.e. thinking about) the emotions of others, I only qualify it as an oxymoron due to the typically contradictory terms being used together as one.

Funny enough, Kinesthetic Awareness is the preferred term I'm familiar with for your definition you give for "kinesthetic intelligence". Typically I hear it used in discussions of sports of various kinds, as usually really great players of any sport seem to have hyper developed "kinesthetic awareness". There it's not only used to describe "one's body" though, but also the positions of teammates, opponents, boundary lines, and the ball/puck/etc. If you ever watch really great players of complex team sports, it's impressive how they can seem to track the motion of multiple people/objects in their brain even after they are out of their field of vision.

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