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UPDATE1: See my first response below for solution to problem #1. Still looking for solution to problem #2.
UPDATE2: Problem #2 was resolved by replacing "Tk::NoteBook" with "Tk::DynaTabFrame", which has the required features, plus much more.

The example code below creates 3 Tk Notebook widget tabs in a Toplevel window. None of the tabs have focus, which means the contents must be clicked on before scrolling can occur. The Notebook tabs can only be navigated by clicking on the tab headers.

My questions are:

  1. How can each Notebook tab be given the focus so they are immediately scrollable without having to click on the contents?
  2. How can the Notebook tabs be navigated by using the keyboard TAB key (and Shift-TAB for reverse navigation)?

TIA for your help.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Tk; use Tk::Menu; use Tk::More; use Tk::NoteBook; my $mw = MainWindow->new(); $mw->geometry("100x100+850+50"); $mw->iconify; my $bw = $mw->Toplevel(); $bw->geometry("850x200+500+200"); $bw->bind('<Destroy>' => sub {exit;}); $bw->bind('<Escape>' => sub {exit;}); my $book = $bw->NoteBook()->pack( -fill=>'both', -expand=>1 ); my $tab1 = $book->add( "Sheet 1", -label=>"Tab #1" ); my $more1 = $tab1->Scrolled("More", -scrollbars => "osoe" )->pack(-fil +l => "both", -expand => 1); my $menu1 = $more1->menu; $bw->configure(-menu => $menu1); $more1->Load( $0 ); my $tab2 = $book->add( "Sheet 2", -label=>"Tab #2" ); my $more2 = $tab2->Scrolled("More", -scrollbars => "osoe" )->pack(-fil +l => "both", -expand => 1); my $menu2 = $more2->menu; $bw->configure(-menu => $menu2); $more2->Load( $0 ); my $tab3 = $book->add( "Sheet 3", -label=>"Tab #3" ); my $more3 = $tab3->Scrolled("More", -scrollbars => "osoe" )->pack(-fil +l => "both", -expand => 1); my $menu3 = $more3->menu; $bw->configure(-menu => $menu3); $more3->Load( $0 ); MainLoop;

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