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Some monks (myself included) use NoScript as a matter of local security policy. Have you ensured that the pages will display correctly even without JavaScript?

Lastly, PerlMonks does not use Web N.0 garbage currently and I request that PerlMonks continue to present its pages as documents instead of "application" hipster trash. This means sticking to the feature set of HTML4.01 and/or XHTML, although collapsibles are possible using only HTML4 <div>, checkboxes, and CSS. SearX uses this for its pages if you want a simple example.

Edit: Apologies for the harsh tone, but I have had too many things I liked screwed up by hipster "new! shiny!" change-for-no-good-reason and PerlMonks has been one of my few respites from that malignant idiocy. If it is not broken, do not fix it. "Old system that still works" is not "broken".