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Hi all, I test on same machine with lastest version of perl and python

Perl version:v5.32.0
Python version:3.8.5
I have a little disappoint about the result:
Perl slower a lot than python.
weizhong@weizhong-VirtualBox:~/Git/compare-pdl_numpy$ ./compare.csh

0.5u 1.0s 0:01.84 88.0% 0+0k 0+0io 0pf+0w

1.2u 2.0s 0:05.83 55.5% 0+0k 19064+0io 907pf+0w

0.7u 0.7s 0:02.54 60.2% 0+0k 52008+0io 141pf+0w

1.3u 1.9s 0:05.28 61.3% 0+0k 30432+0io 1005pf+0w

Perl Code(
#!/home/weizhong/tools/perl-5.32.0/perl use PDL; $PDL::BIGPDL = 1; $X = zeroes(1000,500,500); $Y = ones(1000,500,500); $Z1 = $X + $Y; $Z2 = $X / $Y;
Python Code(
#!/home/weizhong/tools/Python-3.8.5/python import numpy as np X = np.zeros((1000,500,500)) Y = np.ones((1000,500,500)) Z1 = X+Y Z2 = X/Y

#!/bin/csh -f echo "Python"; time ./ echo "Perl"; time ./ echo "Python"; time ./ echo "Perl"; time ./