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You generally need an A record to make a name of your domain resolving into the IP of your VPS. Then you must configure Apache on the VPS to answer to that hostname (virtualhost).

Thx, Disciplus, your directions got me on the scoreboard. What's more, I was able to use a perl script on my laptop to create a sample translation, but it fails to create a directory for images.

DNS resolution are cached by clients so, once you put the A record it needs some time to propagate (you can check it here for example).

I couldn't quite understand this. Can you say a few more words about it?

I'd modify the title of your post as off-topic:

It's diplomatic of you to use the first person subjunctive. What this brings to mind for me is what Sawyer X was talking about at the conference. He created a handful of profiles of people who use the perl programming language contemporaneously.

There was a profile of user that I would have added to that: the 'Bill Ford' user, an amalgam of the people I knew from usenet. This would be a person on the faculty, in a thinktank, nasa, maybe embedded...who has personal pet projects that get held together by perl. So it is that these guys would have 20% perl in a lot authentic tasks that get down and dirty with compilers and numerical computations.

I think perl is the 20% that gets a lot of hybrid tasks accomplished. Or, I imagine perl as the octopus that can pour itself through every crack, but operates natively on unix. (Stick with one metaphor, right).

This topic might be one of those 20 percenters that a 20 percenter might have. There was a lot of talk about hosting situations at the conference, and because of those presentations I took this path, and I am a straight-up Firstie with "going virtual." It's closer to doing sysadmin stuff than I've ever been, so it's the direction I want go. Isn't sysadmin stuff Almost on-Topic? (maybe it could be like horseshoes)

Anyways, I'm not here to cause trouble or wreck the place....