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Are you certain that there is a row with the column string containing exactly /a/b/c? The database seems to think no.

What database are you using?

Does running the SQL from the console work? SELECT * FROM `texts` WHERE `string`='/a/b/c'

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Re^2: DBI search for forward slash
by luxs (Beadle) on Nov 08, 2020 at 07:27 UTC
    Yes, phpMyAdmin returns proper line with this request. I'm using MySql with MyISAM storage.

    I can find in this table any string with one slash at the begining, but not in the middle of the string.

      But = only compares for identity. You want LIKE, and you want the % placeholder:

      SELECT * FROM `texts` WHERE `string` LIKE '%/a/b/c%'

      ... or, with placeholders:

      SELECT * FROM `texts` WHERE `string` LIKE ?

      (and then in the ->execute() call, add the placeholders to your search string)

        LIKE is fail as well