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With due deference to Brian, I must be candid in expressing my extreme doubts as to whether “an entirely separate server” could possibly be apropos in the present case ... blah blah blah (further rambling by sundialsvc4 elided) ... Thank you for calling me “lazy” and “dumb!”

-- sundialsvc4 rabbits on and on in Re^2: Bidirectional lookup algorithm? (Updated: further info.)

Personally, I don't actually believe you to be stupid. You are, however, the laziest monk who has ever had long term participation here; quite easily. And that married to your out of date, half-baked skills, absolute lack of Perl chops, and braggadocio begins to make you the most odious monk who has ever had long term participation.

-- response from Your Mother

bigup401, I'm sorry to report that you are now challenging the legendary sundialsvc4, dominating Worst Nodes in a way that I hoped I would never see again.

At least, I sometimes got a laugh from sundialsvc4's overly elaborate posts. Yours are at the opposite end of the spectrum, without a doubt the most consistently boring posts I've ever seen on PM. Just monotonously and relentlessly demanding, over and over again, that others do your job for you (presumably without payment) ... with every post done in a rush, full of simple mistakes, inaccuracies and ambiguities. What satisfaction do you gain from your participation here?

Please take the time to read and understand I know what I mean. Why don't you? before making your next post.