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Well, yes, there are some folks, that disapprove using our beloved language in some way that they think is wrong. But this is an aesthetical dispute, not technical. Some folks like it one way, other folks like it another way - and they do so they like, and all they do is beautiful (at least to themselves), and our main principle - multiple ways of doing one thing - flourishes.

And in a spiritual matter, it is a god's blessing that recipes from no-map-in-void-context part of folks and recipes from the other folks has been given. In a dark times of which I think no need to mention, every single group, even one that think of using-map-in-void-context as of heresy, comes to help seeking wisdom in our monastery.

And thank you for pointing out that our beloved monastery is not a dogmatic place. Yes, there are different monks that chant for gloriness with different means and using different techniques, and all as one are welcoming and kind to strangers - and to themselves. Such fellowship is a true blessing.