A few years after karlgoethebier it struck me. At age 59 $company laid me off. Good riddance.

After 8 years of not being seen really, being handed around, trying in vain to get a peer programmer at the site, mobbing, bossing, you name it, it is good to depart. There's crucial code I wrote (a pile of, er...) living there which drives part of the business, and there has been no chance for handover. Go figure.

I still feel responsible for all my perpetrations done, and they might come back to me for something something. Meanwhile I am enjoying the quietness of being unconcerned after having lived the quietness of disinterest paired with anxiety about when I will be fired.

Eat it, sucker! you didn't live up to the task, I'm telling myself. As did the TCO, having the psychological sensibility of a tank (not talking about technical skills, at all). Yeah, true, I says, but there's two sides. Flowers don't blossom in the dark, and hurling somebody down the cellar stairs shouting "why are you running?" isn't fair either.

Anyways, I might retire and try to implement perl in FORTH, or else. This is still humbly me at your service, at least at PerlMonks. I might have more time to read and post. The Great Constellation at the tip of Aquarius shows that "the times, they are a'changing".

For the "or else" part, feel free to contact me.

perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'