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I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. Also, the script needed some changes to run under strict.

The word "tag" has a special meaning in the Tk domain. You aren't storing any tags in the @TAGS array, you're storing ids of the rectangles.

What about using a single tag for the background?

$canvas->createRectangle( $i * $ps, $j * $ps, $i * $ps + $ps, $j * $ps + $ps, -fill => $c, -outline => $c, -tags => ['bg']); }
The erase routine can be now simplified to
sub erase{ $canvas->delete('bg'); }
No need to store any tags/ids anywhere. That's usually the reason why to use the Canvas.

Update: I would also use tags for the lines, so you can easily raise them above the new background.

$canvas->createLine($start_x, $start_y, $x1, $y1, -width => 2, -fill => 'white', -tags => ['fg']); # ... # and after drawing the new background: $canvas->raise('fg', 'bg');

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