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I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. Also, the script needed some changes to run under strict.

The word "tag" has a special meaning in the Tk domain. You aren't storing any tags in the @TAGS array, you're storing ids of the rectangles.

What about using a single tag for the background?

$canvas->createRectangle( $i * $ps, $j * $ps, $i * $ps + $ps, $j * $ps + $ps, -fill => $c, -outline => $c, -tags => ['bg']); }
The erase routine can be now simplified to
sub erase{ $canvas->delete('bg'); }
No need to store any tags/ids anywhere. That's usually the reason why to use the Canvas.

Update: I would also use tags for the lines, so you can easily raise them above the new background.

$canvas->createLine($start_x, $start_y, $x1, $y1, -width => 2, -fill => 'white', -tags => ['fg']); # ... # and after drawing the new background: $canvas->raise('fg', 'bg');

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Re^2: Perl Tk canvases / abuse...
by Montain_Gman (Initiate) on May 12, 2021 at 12:05 UTC
    Thanks; I have longer response in second reply below. For the tags (ids); I know if i keep drawing stuff and don't delete; it will definitely bog down. I assume that's just because you are forcing the TK side to keep track of all that stuff, and it just has more and more work to do to figure out what is on top. Ok; I see what you did with the bg tag as well; that may help. When I saw that first thing this morning I thought you had stacked all the pixels into a single call; but now I see it's just more tieing them to a tag. Doing that, might make tk's job easier as well. Thanks.