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Hey there my fellow esteemed Monks!

I've been having a long-running problem that I'm finally fed up enough with to ask for help.

In my test suite for berrybrew, I perform a path substitution in a configuration file before the tests load. The specific command which is run out of a batch script looks like this:

call perl -i.bak -ne "s/berrybrew(?!\\+test)/berrybrew\\test/; print" +test/data/config.json

Essentially, that's supposed to change the path C:\berrybrew to C:\berrybrew\test.

On some of my Windows 10 systems, it works just fine, and everything goes on its merry way. On other Win10 systems, the change results in a tab character being inserted, so the path looks like this: C:\berrybrew[TAB]est. If I insert four backslashes in the replacement (ie. berrybrew\\\\test, it works. However, after a git push then a git pull on the other systems that work with just the two backslashes, it breaks.

What can I do to provide myself some consistency across systems? Is there some unicode trick or something I can use? I've tried replacing the forward slashes in the substitution to single-quotes (eg: s///; to s''';) to no avail.

I'd really like to get this resolved so that the substitution works reliably across all systems.