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Hi Monks,

We're migrating our servers from RHEL6(Oracle and using the Perl that comes with Oracle (/ to RHEL7(Oracle with Oracle Client and using Perl 5.32

The problem is that we're getting a random core dump and it doesn't seem to be related to the data in the file that was loading when the core dump occurred. We know this because the file reloads without issue. Also, the core dump can occur soon after a recycle of the env or a few weeks later so the theory is that it could NOT be a memory leak because of this. The application code is mostly java and c++.

Our developer analyzed the core dumps but said they're inconclusive. He found no evidence of a memory leak so his theory was that Oracle client 19 was causing the core dump so we changed a couple envs to use Oracle 12 client, but those eventually core dumped also.

My question is basically could Perl 5.32 be a potential culprit for causing the core dump?

And if so, do you know of the best way to debug this type of random core dump to pinpoint what is causing it

Thanks for your's very much appreciated!