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I'm trying to use pp to build an executable that contains a data file from which it reads.

Here's the command I'm using:

pp -v=3 -a /Users/chap/private/dict/lex.dict -o ppdir/brillig brillig

Verbose output includes the line:

adding /Users/chap/private/dict/lex.dict as Users/chap/private/dict/lex.dict
The pp documentation of the -a switch is as follows:
-a, --addfile=FILE|DIR Add an extra file into the package. If the file is a directory, recursively add all files inside that directory, with links turned into actual files.

By default, files are placed under / inside the package with their original names. You may override this by appending the target filename after a ; like this: % pp -a "old_filename.txt;new_filename.txt"

I don't understand the bolded sentence. What path should my Perl code use to access lex.dict?