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I know this is a very old post, but in case anyone arrives here via Google, I wanted to note that this tutorial is misguided. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to use XML::Parser, and the code above is needlessly complex. There's also about three times as much code as you need for something this simple. So why not use XML::Simple? It's pretty straightforward:

use warnings; use strict; use XML::Simple; # Just an example. You'd use LWP to get the actual CB. my $xml = '<CHATTER><INFO site="" sitename="Perl M +onks">Rendered by the Chatterbox XML Ticker</INFO> <message author="OeufMayo" time="20010228112952">test</message> <message author="deprecated" time="20010228113142">pong</message> <message author="OeufMayo" time="20010228113153">/me test again; : +)</message> <message author="OeufMayo" time="20010228113255">&lt;a href="#"&gt +;please note the use of HTML tags&lt;/a&gt;</message></CHATTER>'; my $ref = XMLin($xml); foreach my $msg (@{$ref->{'message'}}) { my $h = substr($msg->{'time'}, 8, 2); my $n = substr($msg->{'time'}, 10, 2); my $author = $msg->{'content'} =~ s/^\/me// ? $msg->{'author'} : "<$ +msg->{'author'}>"; print "$h:$n $author: $msg->{'content'}\n"; }
Now you have a complete a simple parser. And no dodgy regexes, either.