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We've started the process of moving hosting server to a cheap VPS - just non-essential (read "hobby") sites for now whilst we get to grips with it and I learn how to manage a server...

All is going relatively well so far, but I've found an anomaly with time settings. Can anyone explain what is going on?

The 'old' server observes DST whereas the 'new' server doesn't. If I run timedatectl on the 'new' server it tells me it is set to UTC. I don't have access to run the same command on the 'old' server.

Here in the UK we are now on BST (GMT+1) so things that are time dependent (like Google Calendar feeds) that have been moved over are all 1 hour out. If I get the time from the MariaDB database SELECT NOW() I get GMT, as expected.

However, I have a bit of test code left in a page that only I use. It's a bit of JavaScript document.write(document.lastModified); which shows the time in BST. Doen't that time get passed in the HTTP headers from the Perl generated web page? Perl is, of course, also reporting GMT.

The obvious solution seems to be to change the server time from UTC to GMT.
Will that then observe UK DST?
Are there any reasons not to change the server to GMT bearing in mind that the entire codebase was written on a server that observes DST?

Update: - the "obvious" option to set would be 'Europe/London' but that is not included in timedatectl list-timezones