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I found Web petition to urge Bush to show restraint and avoid starting WW III. Many europeans are praying Bush will show leadership and will NOT react as texan cowboy - shoot first, ask question later.

Another interesting link: on the subject of winning wars by Sun Tzu (cca 500 B.C): "In war, it is of supreme importance to attack your opponent's Strategy. The next best thing is to attack your opponent's Alliances. Next after that is to attack your opponent's Armies. The worst thing is to attack your opponent's Cities." Snu Tzu teaching applied on current situation

What happened 9/11 is terrible beyond comprehention. What we need now is to avoid it becoming even worse tragedy.

Osama's goal is to provoke "holy war": Western civilization against muslim world. We need moderate muslims to join our side... "Crusade" is not helping it - we fought (and lost) this war thousand years ago.

Osama is a provocateur, dont play game in his rules. Treat him not as worthy opponent, but as dog with rabies. With calm.

To make errors is human. But to make million errors per second, you need a computer.