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Hi, folks! I recently saw a post on TSE about an apparent incompatibility between v5.22.0 and TeXLive's tlmgr progamme. Based on the description in the self-answer, it seems that (some of) the problem is that lines 3109–3110 of tlmgr say:
info("[" . sprintf ('%*2$s', $currnr, $totalnrdigits) . "/$totalnr, $estrem/$esttot] update: $pkg [${kb}k] ($rev -> +$mediarevstr)");
and that this produces the error Redundant argument in sprintf at /usr/local/texlive/bin/tlmgr line 3109. Based on Redundant argument in s Redundant argument in %s, this is because of, well, a redundant argument in sprintf—I guess it's bothered by the fact that two strings are passed, but only one is referenced. However, sprintf lists almost this exact useage as recommended. Is this a (Perl) bug, or perhaps just a lag between online documentation and the latest version (as evidenced by the fact that perldoc online doesn't currently know about this new error message!); and / or is there some appropriate work-around?