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Hi Athanasius,

The macro is indeed interesting, as I've not delved in there before.

However, that may suffer from techical debt. If I define a max macro that only handles 2 values, I (or my replacement) may call it later and give it 3 values, and only get the max of the first 2. Still, some careful coding (probably duplicating List::Util's max) could ensue.

Edited to add:

Also, it seems the macro syntax uses significant whitespace, which bugs me.

Edited to add (2):

The macro doc page has this:

use macro add => sub{ $_[0] + $_[1] }; say => sub{ print @_, "\n"}; say(add(1, 3)); # it's replaced into 'print do{ (1) + (3) }, "\n";'
which I'm assuming uses significant whitespace to figure out that say is a macro. (Or there's a typo semicolon on the first line.)

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