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Your thesis not new, however it is not entirely without merit. Yes Perl6 is still not at 1.0. Yes, perl 5.10 languished for an extended time, seemingly unmaintained at a critical time in the development of the dynamic web.

Whatever. Those decisions were made and those actions were taken by people doing what they thought was the best thing to do at the time. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe they were right. Maybe somewhere in-between... One thing is certain, stuff happened, it is in the past and won't change.

As to your criticism that Perl6 has no merits or particular strengths beyond Perl5, I can only assume that you have read only this example of Perl6. Had you read any of the excellent, rapidly evolving docs at, you would realize that Perl6 has some really nice features.

I've been barely dabbling in Perl6 for a few months, and the things that stand out to me are:

On the down side:

  1. it really is a new language and a big one
  2. Holy crap, there are a billion operators
  3. What slurps where and when?
  4. occasional bits don't work as documented, or are only documented in a Synopsis.
  5. Rakudo codebase is moving really fast. Of course that velocity is a sign that Christmas may actually happen this year.

I suggest you actually give Perl6 a real try.

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