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In the past year, I was introduced to two new tools I hadn't previously been aware of (Devel::Cover and Travis CI) that I am now using for my modules, and I was just wondering what other tools might be out there that I could benefit from.

What I'm looking for are tools that will improve the overall quality of my modules in terms of usability, readability, completeness, or whatever other metric. I looked around the monestary and didn't find such a list... after some feedback, I'd be hapy to add it as a tutorial.

Tools that I use now are listed below. I know that many of these are pretty obvious, but perhaps for someone just starting out, they should be included. What am I missing?

Update: I'm going to add the suggestions to the list as they come in, so I don't necessarily use all of them... and of course, not every tool will fit everyone's needs and/or wants, but they are a great place to start looking.

Change Kwalitee
Make sure that the change file follows the standard format.
CPAN Testers
To see which platforms the tests succeed/fail on.
CPANTS Kwalitee
Reports on the quality of the module by checking for a number of best practices.
These can be used to make sure that every line in your module is covered by at least one test in the test suite.
For profiling where the time is being spent in order to speed things up.
Check to make sure that the code matches the best practices described in Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices.
To make sure that a module is nicely indented and uses some of the best practices for coding style.
A spell checker for Pod files.
A check list of things to look at when releasing a new module.
A list of recommended perl modules. Especially useful are Task::Kensho::ModuleDev and Task::Kensho::Testing which contain modules recommended for development and testing.
Test::Pod, Test::Pod::Coverage
These are used to make sure that no pod files are missing and that they cover all of the functions in a module.
Travis CI
Tool which is combined with GitHUB to automatically make sure that ever new checkin passes all tests on a number of different perl versions.

The tool I wish I had the most, but don't (to my knowledge) would be a place where I could log in to and select the OS, version of perl, and version of any prerequisite modules in order to debug a test from the cpantesters site. If this exists and I don't know about it, please fill me in!