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i use different appenders, with different thresholds. i like to aggregate or combine log entries by time or by number of log entries. i played with Log::Log4perl::Appender::Buffer but i had no luck. it buffered the wrong logger or didn't buffered at all or log entries disappeared or got doubled. simply: a mess.

the only thing i like to achive:

simply combine multiple log entries into one, big chunk. it's ok that all messages share a timestamp, i don't need a line number or something. just log, what happens, not when and where.

you might say: concatenate the messages in a string or something like that. but thats off what i need. i don't like to handle a string beside.

do you know a solution or do i need to write my own composite appender? (which is not my top prio, .= would be easier alternative)

thank you for your time.