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This code handles one request at a time, hence serializing all requests. If the request rate is high, I don't see how this can bring more performance than Apache, which if properly tuned will have multiple processes ready to handle simultaneous requests.

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Re: Re: http Redirector
by merlyn (Sage) on Sep 23, 2001 at 20:34 UTC
    Apache has far more overhead from connect to response. And ultimately, all requests are serialized anyway, because only one process can accept at a time. And on a monoprocessor machine, the ultimate code execution is serial as well {grin}.

    I'd imagine this script (the original version or my version) would handle demonstratably more requests per second than Apache would.

    -- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker


    Yes, I just benchmarked it. My apache did about 80 requests per second, and my Perl program did about 750(!) requests per second. This was for 10 concurrent requests, timed over 1000 requests, using the apache bench program.