in reply to XML namespace question

I hereby invite “the Anoymous Monks among us,” after they have washed-out their mouths, to please kindly address ... if they can ... the Original Post’s question.

Otherwise, may I cordially recommend that, at the end of the day in your particular neck of the planet, you probably should not comment (let alone, “anonymously”) after consuming any significant amounts of alcohol.

Meanwhile .. there indeed does appear to me to be a technically-significant difference between these two XPath queries:   one is relative, while the other is absolute.   "./" versus "//".   (And that the XML parser might have “understood” the reference to a namespace, hence interpreting what the OP provided in a manner that the OP did not anticipate.)   Unless I have somehow overlooked some important point, are there any other sober matters to be discussed, with timely relevance to this thread?