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Hi fellow monks

I am trying to execute the below query

select * from ( select f1,f2,t from table where date > sysdate - 2 ) pivot xml ( count(t) as al, sum(t) as ev for f2 in (any) )

using DBI. The query in SQLPlus runs fine and I get no errors in Perl. f1 returns fine but the xml portion seems to be an empty array. I am using fetchall_hashref.SQLPlus output

f1 -- f2_xml -------------------------------------------- 99999 <PivotSet><item><column name = "F2">0</column><column name = "AL">12</ +c olumn><column name = "EV">169</column></item></PivotSet>

Using Data::Dumper I see data like

varnn = { 'f1' = '99999'. 'f2_xml' = [] };

It's how I get to f2_xml I need a little help with. Thanks