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I have a multi threaded Perl script (master-workers architecture) in which the workers call an external application and need to process the standard output and standard error. I tried Capture::Tiny but that crashed the worker threads if a lot of workers were busy processing. Now, I use IPC::Run3 but this also fails, although less often as Capture::Tiny. Is there a safe way to call external applications from parallel running worker threads and being able to process the standard output and standard error? The idea is that the external calls can run in parallel so semaphore locking seems not the way to go to me. My current run3 call
my @spaziooptions = ($spaziocmd, "-m" , $transref->{'QMANAGER'} ,"-q" +, $destination_queue, "-i" , $transref->{'POLLERFILE'} ,"-d" , $desti +nation_filename , "-k" , $transref->{'DATATYPE'}, "-s", $global_hostn +ame, "-c", $cor_id); my $cmdout; my $cmderr; run3 \@spaziooptions, \undef, \$cmdout, \$cmderr; my $cmdexit = $?;