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Well, those posting bad code don’t know the difference. Those believing it to be sound advice are starting a journey toward discernment in a world absolutely heterogeneous in quality and value and they will have to take some lumps along the way or never break out of the inner circle of Dunning–Kruger. It’s not always in their interest to protect them. Attempts at process, rules, or dogma to enforce quality often have unintended consequences and like most crime/“crime” the admonishments are ignored by those they would help or correct while already understood and followed by the rest.

I can see a code post here by afoken or AnomalousMonk or Corion or, or, or… and know it to be good or, at the least, worth examining seriously and with all benefit of the doubt. New users and Anonymous Monk get a couple kilos of skepticism. I believe in best practices and would probably cite this (update: meaning your OP) post in a discussion as something worth considering. So… I’m not sure I have a point except maybe: trying to prevent crap is the fount of quite a lot of crap in the end.