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After Great Perl Literature, how about Perl Movies?
$batman=~s/\&//g; print "<A HREF=\"index.html\">Fly</A>"; print "<A HREF=\"javascript:opener.location.href=index.html\;self.clos +e\;\">"; sub marine{$paint="ffff00"} while($u){sleep} sub seattle{while(1==2){sleep}} $i="ffd700"; sub mummy{return} $shark{$colour}="0000ff"; my $love;undef $love; splice(my @best,$friend); $man[2]; @man=qw(grumpy sore indignant huffish bitter aggravated wrathful vexed + ireful enraged furious cross);
Batman and Robin (Batman "and" robbing - ouch)
Fly Away Home
Home Alone
Yellow Submarine
While You Were Sleeping
Sleepless in Seattle
The Mummy Returns
Blue Shark Hash
Goodbye My Love
My Best Friend's Wedding
The Third Man
Twelve Angry Men