Ever run into the situation where you (vaguely) remember seeing a snippet posted about something, months ago, and suddenly you need it urgently?

Such a thing happened to me the other day, and so I started to trudge through the depths of the Snippets Section. O! fateful day! It turns out that there is no easy way to navigate through that section. You add a snippet, it gets added to the first page. When the first page fills up with new snippets, the older ones get relegated to subsequent pages. When I embarked on this task, the oldest snippets were some 28 pages from the front...

Worse still, if on the thirteenth page you have to post a comment to the CB... you go back to the beginning again.

This drove me up the wall, so I decided to do something about it. I set about writing the...

Perl Monks Snippets Index

This provides you with a number of ways of viewing the Snippets section. As the resulting files are all static HTML, it should prove to be search-engine friendly, to boot.

Your comments and criticisms are most welcome. Please do not laugh at my HTML. This is about the best I could do.

Anyway, as they say, have fun.

g r i n d e r