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Hey All, I'm continuing my toy project and I'm looking at the responsiveness. Part of the functionality involves external API calls. I've developed the Perl modules that do the external calls (through LWP at this point). My application loads data locally from a database, allows the user to modify the database entry but also should fire off a 'save' call to the APIs. There is some querying from the API to the local database. Obviously, this is expensive so I'm trying to use a non-blocking call. In addition, since users can use the applications, some kind of checks will have to be done to reload application data locally as clean as possible. I've been looking at Mojo::IOLoop::Delay to implement this.

My question is: do I rewrite / optimize the API library to add non-blocking support (swapping out LWP::UserAgent)? Is Mojo::IOLoop::Delay the right approach for this purpose? Are there any recommended approaches for the synchronizing from the API to the database?

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