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Read it was not necessary there. Tried both ways. With $ returns:

Software error:

"$GetLoggedOnId" is not exported by the manageusers module
Can't continue after import errors at update_tables-development.cgi line 30
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at update_tables-development.cgi line 30.

Padre also says the function in question is not exported by manageusers.

our @EXPORT_OK = qw( &OpenConnection &OpenSession &ProcessLoginRequest &ProcessLostDataRequest &LoginUser &GetLoggedOnId <<<<-------------------

Not posting whole thing to avoid severe criticism from some commenters . etc.

I have many exported other functions and variables and they all work fine. Some are exported, some are not. OpenConnection is exported works fine. CloseConnection not exported and works fine. Both called manageusers::OpenConnection(); and manageusers::CloseConnection();

#--------------------------------------------------------------------- +---------- # Database Conection Functions #--------------------------------------------------------------------- +---------- # FUNCTION: OpenConnection() # DESCRIPTION: Connect to the MySQL database #--------------------------------------------------------------------- +---------- sub OpenConnection { my $localtimenow = localtime(Now()); $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn,$sql_username,$sql_password) or ErrorMessage("Could not connect to the database."); warn("Open Connection-JustBefore returning database handle: '$dbh' + Current Time: '$localtimenow'"); return $dbh; } #--------------------------------------------------------------------- +---------- # FUNCTION: CloseConnection # DESCRIPTION: Disconnect from the MySQL database #--------------------------------------------------------------------- +---------- sub CloseConnection { my $localdbh = @_; my $localtimenow = localtime(Now()); if ($localdbh){ $localdbh->disconnect(); } elsif ($dbh) { $dbh->disconnect(); } warn("Close Connection -just before exit Current Time: '$loca +ltimenow'"); # exit(0); }