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Thank you for this informative reply. I had not read anywhere this explanation:

use xxx; #imports all of the symbols in @EXPORT use xxx (); #imports all of the symbols in @EXPORT use xxx qw(OpenConnection $LoggedOn_user_id); # imports # all of the symbols in @EXPORT AND subroutine OpenConnection # AND the scalar $LoggedOn_user_id from @EXPORT_OK [download]

I was originally used the first example and calling all the subs with manageusers::sub and I guess that is why they worked and the scalars were imported also.

I recently took a fellows advice and changed the export to our EXPORT_OK and am now having to put the called subs by name in use xxx qw(sub1 sub2... sub10) to get those calls working again.

I guess its back to the drawing board on this.

I did read that it is not good to use xxx; as it imports everything into that module, even subs/scalars that are only for other modules.

Anyway thanks for the information and with that clarification I can probably resolve my issues.

Best regards