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So I have a script (nothing fancy, no GUI, just a file-parser) that runs fine under Strawberry Perl in it's pure *.pl form. I use...

pp -o foo.exe make an *.exe, and it does that with no complaint. But if I click on the *.exe, then a DOS window pops up (as expected) but shows no text to indicate progress, but simply blinks into non-existence after a second or two.

How do I troubleshoot something like that? Using the verbose tag on pp was not informative so far as I could e..

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Re: *.exe from pp on Win7 fails ( )
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 07, 2017 at 23:36 UTC

    Give a try, if it doesn't work post the last part of the log which is the call to pp/invocation of pp, and the output of pp

      Yes, proved helpful. It revealed my problem to be an absence of the module Proc::Background in my system, which apparently pp needs but the *.pl didn't.

      Indeed, excellent! I had to force-install that one, then install a few others, until ... at last ... ran out of errors to report and just followed through to make my now-working *.exe so thanks heaps!