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Hi Monks,
I have started to learn Emacs editor. Having worked in plenty of other editor for many number of years, I am surprised why I never bother to learn emacs. I liked the powerful M-x command and modes. What I liked the most about it is the text commands expansion and lookup, so you know that what the command is meant for. I once thought that similar functionality can be used for perl functions. Especailly for newbies, it would be extremely useful.
 M-x join-with-coma-default-array
will put
join ',' => @_;
And then bind a key to this( may be not to this but to some complex one). This can also serve good purpose for documentation. Of course, it will require some patience for someone to write all these but effort may worth something. You got the idea.

I was just wondering as how you are using emacs while programming perl. What sort of task you consider more rightly done in emacs.