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I like the quote because I observe a lot of exactly that in the real world... and because of the eleventh word.

It honestly doesn't much matter who said it in this case (remember, "examine what is said, not who speaks"), I just prefer to properly attribute a quote when possible. I don't think you should give Russell too hard a time just because he flip-flopped a lot, that's better than someone that digs in their heels and closes their mind to any opinion change. Russell spent a lot of time thinking about things, was willing to change his mind based upon new observations, constantly "questioned authority", and didn't much care about being popular. In fact, doesn't that sound a lot like someone you know? :-)

And hey, Miss Piggy has some good quotes too that hit home with me personally... "Smart cooks realize that the easiest cookbook to use is the Yellow Pages and the handiest appliance in the kitchen is the telephone."

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