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If you're a berrybrew user, you can retrieve the newest versions with a berrybrew fetch if you have berrybrew version v1.12+. If you're below v1.12, upgrade: berrybrew upgrade.

I've just released berrybrew v1.17. It contains some minor output ordering changes, and the rest of the changes are fixes to the test and release cycle (developer) logic.

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Re: Strawberry 5.26.11 and released
by marioroy (Priest) on Oct 05, 2017 at 04:35 UTC

    Installing Tk, Tk::Zinc, and Gtk2 works using the instructions posted here. The latest Strawberry Perl binaries v5.24.3.1 and v5.26.1.1 ship with PPM::Sisyphusion 0.1. Gtk2 dependencies are installed automatically. If you get a message stating not available, try again. Installing Tk::Zinc worked the 2nd time under Strawberry Perl v5.24.3.1.

    ppm install Tk ppm install Tk::Zinc ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Cairo_font ppm install Cairo ppm install Gtk2

    Regards, Mario