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What is cvs? Did you mean csv? I can see why you want to avoid oracle's mysql but why avoid csv (which is just a text format)?

As so often, the question becomes: what are you trying to achieve? And what do the intended queries look like?

I'd just install postgres [1], or at least use the DBI module with DBD's, and maybe csv text files are good enough. (I had some fun putting together Re^3: perl create database with folder system )


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Re^2: database without mysql <applause>
by darkblackblue (Novice) on Dec 16, 2017 at 16:10 UTC
    I edited (cvs to csv). Yeah it can make DBI simple.There are a lot of packet for that and you can use sql comments for that. But I research , how to make folder and txt files. It was my post (perl create database with folder).